Modern Kitchens

Modern kitchens are the perfect symbiosis of style and practicality. T hey c ombine b revity o f a ppearance, s imple a nd c lear f orms, u nique d esign d evelopments, t houghtful e rgonomics a nd h igh f unctionality. T his is f urniture i n w hich e very d etail is thought out .

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Classic kitchens

Classic cuisine is recognized by the perfect proportion of forms, smooth lines, elegant appearance, restraint in color design. It successfully combines both simplicity and luxury, reflecting elements of antiquity and country style .

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Living Rooms

The living room is the heart of your home, so its design should be taken very seriously. They are created on an individual order and in accordance with European quality standards. This allows the customer to find their own interior, adapted to the features of the room and personal preferences.

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Company's news

Design brunch for architects and designers.
Design brunch for architects and designers.
Design brunch for architects and designers.
Well, the first long-awaited design brunch for designers and architects took place at the site of the Rimi brand salon after a long self-isolation and other restrictions.
In a pleasant and relaxed business atmosphere, the general director of the Rimi factory, Alexander Chervyakov, spoke about the production capacities of the factory, advanced production technologies, and paid special attention to the products of the factory:
“In our products, we strive to combine innovative design, functionality and high quality in order to fully meet the needs of people. For our factory, design and technology have always been a distinctive feature and top priorities.
The invited designers and architects could see for themselves personally by examining the exposition of the salon with the most popular and trendy models: Maranella, Langeais, Nice, Cristali, Fabiana, Newport.
The brunch was headlined by a successful interior designer - Yekaterina Uglova, founder of the UGLOVA DESING studio.

Ekaterina not only gave an exciting lecture, but also shared the secrets of working with suppliers, talked about logistics and product design.

At the end of the lecture, designers and architects did not disperse for a long time, discussed work issues with colleagues, got acquainted with the exposition of the furniture salon, consulted with managers and just had a pleasant time in the company of like-minded people. A delicious and exquisite buffet table only contributed to such a warm communication.
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The gastronomic project “Restaurant at Home”
The gastronomic project “Restaurant at Home”

On March 11, a bright event for the interior of Saratov took place in the Rimi company salon!
More than 40 leading designers gathered for the gastronomic project “Restaurant at Home”!
The event’s partner was @Korolkuxni, the King of Cuisine culinary studio, which hosted an incomparable master class in preparing gourmet dishes, which were later tasted by guests.

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Открытие салона «А - Studio» в Махачкале!
Открытие салона «А - Studio» в Махачкале!

27 февраля выдался особенно ярким днем. В солнечном Дагестане, в городе Махачкала состоялось торжественное открытие мульти брендового салона «А - Studio».

Гостями вечера стали самые известные дизайнеры и архитекторы города, дорогие клиенты, партнеры и друзья. 

Вечер торжественно открылся приветственной речью руководителя салона Патимат Абдуллаевой, которая познакомила  присутствующих  с представленной продукцией, рассказала об истории развития, повествовала о "фишках" компании, новинках и приоткрыли завесу тайны на планы будущего года.

Всех гостей ждали приятные сюрпризы: памятные фирменные подушки из кожи с тиснением, розыгрыш сертификата на матрас, презенты от партнеров-мероприятия и угощения. Множество развлечений, подготовленных организаторами вечера, создали дружелюбную атмосферу и непринужденную обстановку. Мероприятие прошло атмосферно, душевно и очень весело. 

Адрес салона:
ул. Нурадилова, 21
+7 (989) 470 20 20


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Factory Advantages


Italian factory in Russia

The factory was created and developed with the technical support of European specialists;
Own production facilities (40,000 sq.m. in Kirov region);
hi-tech European equipment


Reliable brand

The factory was founded in 2000. Over the years, the factory has gained unique experience in creating furniture for the most complex projects.

Unique design and high quality

The whole line was developed in cooperation with leading Italian designers who were engaged in the development of furniture industry grands such as ARREDO3, SCAVOLINI, LUBE, SCIC) Some models are unique and have no analogues in the Russian market, and the full production cycle allows to produce high-quality products to the market.

Innovative technical package

- hidden adjustable structural additions (hidden inside the body, they add aesthetics and maintain the necessary bearing capacity);
- thought-through safety shelf-locks (fix the shelves inside the cabinets and provide additional rigidity);

- all models have BLUM accessories of the latest technology: expensive Clip top Blumotion hinges with a straight and strike jointing, Antaro pulloutdrawers in white and black at a Tandem Plus price, Aventos liftinfmechanisms.


VR and the panorama of 360 degrees

VR (virtual kitchen design) is a service that allows you to see your future kitchen in virtual time mode, as well as change the color of the future kitchen or the texture of materials.
The panorama of 360 degrees models allows you to see not just a picture of the kitchen in the catalogue, but a real image of the presented model with a high degree of detail and create an effect of presence in a specific room.

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