About the manufacturer

RIMI kitchen furniture production plant was founded in 2000 and is now one of the most dynamically developing furniture manufacturers in Russia. It was included in the top-10 list of the most successful brands in its category. Right from the start, the managing board aimed for the creation of a production plant that would be as close to leading European companies. With this aim in mind, under the supervision of Italian technical experts, the plant was stocked up with the best equipment available on the European market.

Our mission

Today the production capacity of RIMI located in the Kirov region with an area of 40 000 m2 is over 5000 affordable high-quality complete kitchen assemblies. RIMI does not stop its development, but regularly modifies its equipment and adopts up-to-date principles of production management and administration. The brand’s success may be explained by the strict control of technological guidelines. The resulting products undergo constant checks by specialized inspections, as well as comply with international ISO certificates.


We pay special attention to the research and development of increasingly advanced technologies that will be applied in our furniture.

Our strategy for the future boils down to one concept: innovation, to successfully interpret and satisfy market needs. For RIMI, innovation is expressed in three aspects: design, technology and quality.

From its production lines to the finished goods warehouse, the RIMI factory applies advanced technological processes that combine a high level of productivity with excellent workmanship. CNC machines, smart assembly lines, an internal varnish department make the production process flexible and efficient. Due to this, the time to market the finished product is about 30 days from the purchase of material to delivery.

To show its readiness to supply high-quality products, which will be maintained in the future, and constantly strive to improve products, the company has taken the path of certification. All products of the factory are certified and have a certificate of conformity GOST 16371-2014 and a declaration of conformity of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union.


Design and product

In our products, we strive to combine innovative design, functionality and high quality in order to fully meet the needs of the people it serves.

Design and innovation have always been a hallmark of RIMI kitchen sets.

When developing new models, we pay special attention to styles, materials and colors, as well as the aesthetic aspect. Creating and offering original solutions that are both attractive and functional, factory designers find the perfect balance of beauty and technology.


As a stylistic trend, the factory settled on timeless “classics” and modern models.

The collection of classic RIMI cuisines is represented by such models as Monticelli, Maranela, Portofina, Giovane, etc. In addition, the linear range of classic products has a rich assortment of design incarnations: from restrained lines and pastel colors to luxurious models with bright and shiny accents.

Modern RIMI models are characterized by great variability of materials, finishes, colors. Interesting examples of modern cuisine are the models of Kristali, Chic, Nice, Time, each of which creates a separate atmosphere.

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