Model of the month "Time"

And we are starting the action "Time Model of the Month".
Promotion period: 04/08/2020 - 31/08/2020.
During the promotional period, the RIMI factory provides the end consumer with a special discount on the following models:
-Time, Time STYLE and Time NEW - 35%
-in finishing PVC film - 25%
-with painted facades in NCS 200 colors: Florida, Progma, Miami, Chic, Teola, Tivoli, Olympus, Tuscany, Villa, Canti, Portofina, Lugana - 20%
-Maranella (no patina ANTIQ), Newport, Giovani, Fabiana, Langeais - 15%

-with painted facades in NCP, RIMI colors (gloss degree 5%, 25%, 95% if available) in Maranella models (with ANTIQ patina) ¸ Monticeli, - 10% -Nice, Kristali and Kristali NEW, in models from Veneer, and also model Ega - 15% Detailed information on the rules of the campaign, discounts, the place and procedure for obtaining them can be obtained by calling +7 (495) 150-16-42 or from the consultant managers of the salons.

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