Event of the year

On Novemeber 19th in Moscow RIMI carried out the traditional event of the year – a dealer’s meeting. Over 80 partners from different regions of the country visited this grand event.

The official part of the program held a presentation of a RIMI showroom in a new concept. The administration of RIMI demonstrated new technologies of the future:

 – a 360 degree panorama that allows to perceive not just an image of the kitchen from the catalogue, but a real image of the presented model with a high level of detail, as wells as create an effect of being present in a specific premise;

  - VR (Virtual kitchen design) – a service allowing to see your future kitchen in virtual time, as well as change its colour and texture.

At the end, there was a traditional awarding ceremony for the best distributors, who received memorable presents.

A gala dinner and an entertaining programme followed the official meeting.

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